Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rebecca Robertson / Journeyzpath

Rebecca Robertson, known to us in J-land as journeyzpath, has passed away after a battle with breast cancer. I have been unable to track down her old AOL journal, and have found only snippets of old comments on other people's blogs. I believe she discontinued her blog at the time of the Jland break-up in 2008, and has taken herself off Facebook a while ago. Not everybody is prepared or able to record the progression of a serious disease like breast cancer on the Internet.

Rebecca was a life-coach and I remember her blog as being along those lines. I am genuinely sad to hear of her death, as she was a good soul. Her star has now set below the horizon of life, but her pain and suffering at least are at an end.

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Csilla Elam said...

Very sad. God bless her family.