Sunday, 31 July 2011

Aileen / Wishful Thinking

I have only just discovered Aileen's blog, which details her battle against mouth cancer (a particularly nasty form of cancer) and other, multiple, health problems. Please call round to offer support.

Jeannette / Outside looking in

Jeannette has made a posting on her blog, and it looks as if she needs a lot of support. Please call round.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Housekeeping message

I have altered the arrangements for posting on this blog. The same people who used to have permissions to post (Jeannette, Yasmin and myself) still have permissions, but in order to minimise spam and other garbage, I have removed links to blogs. This blog is not very much used these days, following the move to Facebook.

Talking of which, I have removed the link to the Call for Support Facebook group, as the settings for that have been changed to Secret. Anyone wishing to join will have to come through Morton Lake, Tawnya E Gregory or myself. The Kontactr button in the sidebar links to my email address.

I apologise for centralising this on myself.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rebecca Robertson / Journeyzpath

Rebecca Robertson, known to us in J-land as journeyzpath, has passed away after a battle with breast cancer. I have been unable to track down her old AOL journal, and have found only snippets of old comments on other people's blogs. I believe she discontinued her blog at the time of the Jland break-up in 2008, and has taken herself off Facebook a while ago. Not everybody is prepared or able to record the progression of a serious disease like breast cancer on the Internet.

Rebecca was a life-coach and I remember her blog as being along those lines. I am genuinely sad to hear of her death, as she was a good soul. Her star has now set below the horizon of life, but her pain and suffering at least are at an end.


Yesterday, I posted about the death of a J-lander - who appears to be very much alive and well.
I apologise to you all for this very poor piece of research on my part, and for any distress caused.

I am still chasing up the correct identity of the Becky who died of breast cancer earlier this week, and would like to ask you to keep in thoughts or prayer the friends and family of this lady.