Monday, 31 January 2011

Just Plain Bill - update

I have received this email from Bill Jr (justplainbill's son), which I copy below. He is offering to send me a memorial card, which (upon receipt) I shall scan and post in the group, as well as on the Call for Support blog.

Dear Guido,

Many apologies for not writing earlier. Candidly, my family and I are having a devil of a time coming to terms with this loss. My Dad was one of the planet's most spectacular people. He was a terrific husband, an unbelievable father, and an amazing grandfather. We all feel his loss so profoundly and we are still numb, going just from day to day. But having spoken to my father many times about his internet friends, I can assure you how treasured you were to him and how much he enjoyed your company and spending "cyber-time" with you.

Please send me a mailing address when you can, and I will send you off a memorial card.

Thank you so much for sharing your and your web-mates' comments about my Dad. I will be sure to pass them along to my Mother.

Please keep him in your prayers.


Bill Janssen

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Jeannette said...

That is so kind of him when they are obviously grieving so badly. I know you will post it when you have it Guido. Depending on size I might be able to put it on Silent Keyboards.