Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sandi Loses Husband

I heard from Linda in Washington this morning when I logged on that Sandi had lost her husband, Joe, very suddenly in the night.

Sandi has, apparently, left a message on Facebook informing everyone. I do have the link to her journal but she does not appear to have updated since last September.

However, if you would like to leave a message of condolence there, here is the link:

Please hold Sandi in your prayers and send out love to her at this terribly sad time. I have known Sandi a long time from AOL journals as well as blogger. I am so sad for her.


ADB said...

Thanks for posting Jeannette, found the msg on Facebook, and left condolences there.

Linda's World said...

thanks Jeannette. Her address is on her Facebook profile for those who want to send her a card or note.

Lori said...

Sandra's email adddress is if anyone would like to send her a personal email in case she doesn't check her blog, or for those who don't use Facebook.