Sunday, 29 November 2009

Linda's World

Linda reports the death of 4 police officers in her community as a result of a wanton shooting. She is quite upset about it, please call round.


Linda's World said...

Thanks Guido. Tonight our 11 o'clock news reported that the police were closing in on a "person of interest." He made it to Seattle and they have the building surrounded. Linda in WA

Lori J said...

Hi Linda

I know this might not be the right attitude but this man met the fate he deserved.
I saw the sister of the female officer on TV and she said her sister had told her many times that if she died it would be doing what she loved best.
I was writing in a letter about Chuck and the years he was a Police Officer...In a rather perverted concept I always thought IF Chuck was killed for sure the bad guy would be to.
I knew Chuck was a cautious officer and did not hesitate about pulling his gun and that often got him in trouble with superiors.

At night when I pray I ask God to help me feel secure in His arms..

Lori J.