Friday, 11 September 2009

Lisa / Please don't take life for granted

Please be aware that Lisa's Facebook account has been hacked. If you are IM'd by her this evening (Friday 11 September 2009) with a request for urgent help as she is stuck in London and needs help flying home, you'll know it's NOT Lisa. She is too unwell to travel any distance at all.

Please relay.

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Gerry said...

If you go to Lisa's blog, Please Dont Take Life for Granted, you will see photos she has posted about just one of her ailments. She can hardly type or walk with the extensive breaking out on her hands and feet. She says this would once manifest as hives, but now a lot worse. I am just stunned by all she has to cope with. Her long absence from Facebook probably attracted the hacker. She did not seem to know about the hacker yesterday. Gerry