Saturday, 8 August 2009

John & Deb/Brain In Pain

Please send up a prayer for John's Debbie, as she's on a vent with her liver shutting down.
He hasn't posted about it yet, learned this from Paula, TY Paula for letting us know.
Please go by & leave a few words, as I know how much she means to him. For those that don't pray, just send good thoughts. ;)
John, praying for Deb & dear ole J-Land friends. You know how much you both mean to many of us.
May the Lord be with both of you.


Joann said...

Thanks, Sugar!

Linda's World said...

Oh that's awful! Linda in WA

Jimmy's Journal said...

Sorry to hear that! Thank you for the information.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh this is horrible news.