Saturday, 9 May 2009

Liz / Home the Journey

Liz is severely distressed as she finds it nearly impossible to continue coping with her medical problems. Please call round.


Liz said...

This is Liz
Please do not worry about me.
I will not be posting my pain on blogger anymore.

I will not bother you again.

There are many worthier than I that require your support.

Connies Photos said...

Oh Liz-we are here to support you-not judge you. Don't feel that you are a bother.. one is not more worthy than the next--we all need someone to care..please know WE DO CARE......what better way to express how you feel-what you are going through than to get it off your chest and onto your blog..even if we only have one person who responds to us..that sometimes means the world...please don't go mean alot to us/me/the world...if only you would realize it....

Lori J said...

Hello Liz, You do not know me but I like Connie want you to know people care...I am not sure of your circumstance in life but my Lord is and so tonight I will ask Him to shower His abundant grace upon you.