Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cindi/Wishing 4 My Turn

Please go by Cindi's spot, & offer some support. Her husband, just found out he's losing his job! This economy is touching tooo many of us. :(
Holding your' family in prayer, Cindi, and all those others, touched by the times we're living in.

ty lynne, for sending this


Just Bill said...

Sugar, do you or any one know where Dawn is from Carpe Diem blog. She has not posted since Christmas and I am very concerned.
Is this appropriate for a "Call for Support" entry.
If not do you know a bttter place for it.
I hate it when the bolggeers I read just disappear and I know not why or where they went.
Thanks for your help in this I do not know where else to turn.

Sugar said...

this entry will be posted on j-land central. visit there to see if anyone knows, just check comments in a few days.