Monday, 15 December 2008

Call for Support

It has been drawn to my attention that this journal has not yet quite got the coverage across the community that it should have. Can I ask all readers and followers to put up a notice in their sidebar and/or an entry that this journal exists, in order that coverage be extended as widely as possible.



Sugar said...

i'll be happy to put a link on my side bar, with hopes you can add a link to the Pet Memorial on side bar here too. TY.

Robin said...

I have no idea how to put up a daggone thing in any sidebar, but, I do pubically follow this! Good idea ot add an entry, and I will when I ahve time. I appreciate that this journal exists; thank you.

Joann said...

Guido, I can't figure out how to get this on my sidebar!! I'd love to have it up on my blog again. I tried to 'add a gadget' but it says that 'gadget is broken'?

Lisa said...

Thank you for continuing this blog. I finally found it. :o)