Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sam / Docklines

Sam has suffered a mild heart attack, but has come through it to post on his blog. Please call round.


Lori J said...

Good Morning Sam,

As my blog tells you my hubby has just come through an attack as well. Be mindful to do all that they want you to.
It has been a lifestyle change for us in regards to exercise, eating habits and most of all mindful that our participation in cardiac rehabilitation can only be beneficial.


Lori (Alberta)


Yasmin said...

Sam sorry to hear about your Heart Attcak wishing you a speedy recovery.


Cathy said...

Just a well-meaning note to Lori and Yasmin: Instead of leaving comments here, it's easier if you post your sentiments to the person needing support, post on their blog, which link is always supplied for you by our Guido. Thanks for making it easier for folks.